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To the Family of Progressive M & E Baptist State Convention of Florida, Inc., Pastors, First South Florida MWMW, and the entire Sisterhood of the Ministersí Wives and Ministersí Widows, 

It gives me great pleasure to greet you as my soul continues to rejoice for the GREAT things God has done. The fellowship during our 2007 state convention session was amazing! I extend my sincere gratitude to each of you who participated as well as those who prayed for the success of the gathering. 

President Banks is by far, the quintessence of presidents, much love and appreciation for his Christ-likeness. Pastors, I canít thank you enough for your support, both financial and physical, wow! MWMW Council officers you were wonderful. Facilitators, songsters, registrants, and the attendees, your togetherness and your worship apparently touched the heart of God because He rained down blessings on us! Thank you. Our sisters from the First Florida Association, under leadership of Sister Ruby Hendrix, set a standard of hospitality that warmed the heart of those in attendance. The 2007 session was closed by Dr. Kirkland with an explosive service; humble adoration and thankfulness to you. 

Even at this late date, my joy is made fresh and my cup (yes, my eyes too) continues to run over at the thought of you. I just want to thank you! 


Nora K Randolph, president

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